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They’re Following Me

Following Me

Consequences for children are the dreadful results they endure following bad decisions. The consequences may be spending time in their room without any electronic devices. Or, they may have to endure hard labor like loading the dish washer, or scrubbing the bathroom. However, what happens when a naughty parent exercises bad decisions? Worse yet, what happens to the adult when no evidence exists of their destructive decisions. The guilt from the crime exists and it has places to hide. Or, does it?

New Location
Poor behavior can be masked, covered, cleaned, even pardoned. But, it does not truly go away until it is released. While a child has authority figures that are positioned to dispense punishment, the authority figure can often conveniently pardon themselves without pain. Grown-up problems can be secretly masked with addictive substances, or intellectually justified with twisted logic. They can be compartmentalized by blaming extraordinary pressures, or unfair expectations. Unfortunately, the new psychological location for the problem does not really move the problem. The problem’s location is not the issue. It follows the perpetrator everywhere. Resolving guilt associated with the issue is the only available relief. Grown-up problems cannot be sent to their rooms. And, they definitely cannot be swept under the rug.

New Attitude
Promises to change behaviors regularly fall short. Internal promises to do better is merely a larger, well-organized trunk to hide the problem unsuccessfully. Relief only comes with a new attitude. Furthermore, the new attitude needs new behaviors to accompany it. Many grown-up missteps are addressed with therapy, or accountability. A new attitude targeting specific priorities and decisions are the only path to true relief. Whether the attitude now highlights forgiveness, regret, or rehabilitation, the change must occur at the point of individual decision. Grown-up problems are often hard to forgive; they are often harder to forget. But, new attitudes leading to better behaviors demonstrate pathways to problem ownership. Problems ranging from blatant lying to infidelity to substance abuse accompany incredibly deep wounds. But, an improved attitude coinciding with life-affirming behaviors uproot destructive problems from a bad location to an open environment. Then, they can be exposed, addressed and ultimately defeated.

Moving grown-up issues to a new location does not achieve resolution. They follow you. Only addressing the problem from an emotional level leads to resolution. Even without a conscience weighing down the individual following harmful decisions, the resultant cover-up comes with significant gravity. Nevertheless, a changed mind, or a new attitude, creates a mindset where genuine reform can happen. Then, healing has a chance. Better choices and behaviors reflect the next step. The process requires much more than surviving the night without video games or a smart phone. But, the longevity and productivity associated with emotional health lasts much longer. A new attitude resulting in better behavior clearly sets the example for genuine rehabilitation, particularly when a child chooses to break family rules. Furthermore, the corrected attitude happens earlier, as opposed to the problem growing into the next generation.

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

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Escape From Your Comfort Orbit

Spacecraft in Orbit

It is sickening how professional speakers pathetically encourage people that they can have success by “moving beyond your comfort zone.” These commentators are entitled to their limited world view. But extraordinary achievement requires an extraterrestrial grasp of reality. “Escape Your Comfort Orbit” suggests a greater effort and much greater results! But, what is a “Comfort Orbit” and how can someone escape it?

Create A Stronger Force
Any zone, including a comfort zone, is a place marked by boundaries. Rules forbid leaving the perimeter. An orbit literally has boundaries that are defined by gravitational force that restricts escaping. Still, a zone reflects limited territory in the sense that the area is clearly defined. Beyond the boundaries anyone who escapes can be relatively easily retrieved. But, upon escaping an orbit, the stars await. Success requires more than resisting this force. The ambitious adventurer must completely escape it.

Beyond the orbit’s restriction, freedom and adventure reign. Orbital forces are strong. But, resistance is not futile. Exerting exceptional energy leads to breaking free. The first scientists to launch a rocket to the moon had to learn to use Earth’s rotation and gravitational forces to help generate enough speed to escape the Earth’s orbital pull. Extraordinary achievement demands unique and creative solutions. Escaping social, personal, and professional boundaries require solutions with similar imagination. Seek additional solutions to launch your dream if the first one fails. Escaping the orbit is hard work. It is worth it!

Soar Beyond Constraints
Upon breaking the gravitational pull, progress benefits from suddenly lighter burdens. The force that allowed you to escape, is now unburdened, and effortlessly propels toward greater distances. It is simple physics. With the same mindset that escaped greatness-inhibiting burdens, identify and attain new heights. The weight that held you back is no longer a factor. All acquired knowledge and experiences are free to empower a new trajectory.

Embrace the new trajectory. Without the reality of gravity’s tug, prior constraints no longer apply. Continue to soar. Education, background, past mistakes have less authority in the new frontier than most people realize. Open your mind to dream bigger. Gather your tools. Learn the knowledge. Acquire the skills. Achieve your greatest ambitions. Mediocrity, like gravitational pull, only matters in close proximity to familiar terrain. In unchartered space, prior constraints no longer apply.

ULTIMATELY, the freedom to reach greater achievements does not mean they can be recklessly pursued. Specifically, be WISE to use the tools to launch a significant escape:
Work – Make the effort with an expectation of results.
Iterate – Try, fail and try again.
Service – Help someone; you may even create an ally.
Experiment – You were stuck in the orbit based on your prior habits; Get new habits.
Upon escaping your comfort orbit, success is available. But first, get started. Then, be WISE. From that point, create your own limits to pursue!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

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Building Relationship Is For Them


Hall Crowd

Who doesn’t want to be loved? Some people seem to attract strangers who are willing to share their life stories. Whether they have an empathetic ear or a trusting face, these lucky listeners have people approach them with personal details. The best of these folks embrace their abundant relationship trait. Patience is often a common characteristic. An electric smile emerges as a sure sign in other cases. Nevertheless, recently two friends laughed over really good coffee about how they manage the unusual attraction of people who willingly over-share.

Friend One is a musician who has a full dose of the relationship trait. As a working musician, he finds himself in assorted halls, theaters, and churches where he encounters diverse fans. Invariably, after a set, fans and listeners are inclined to pull up a chair to share. Friend One believes his highly evolved ear makes him a gifted listener.

He receives their input by listening intently. Too often, people do not really want someone to solve their problems; they want someone to listen to them. They equate listening with caring. Because Friend One listens well, his audience believes he cares well. Consequently, they share well and in turn, experience relationship. Friend One’s gift is establishing connectivity with people who need it. The music is simply a vehicle.

Friend Two on the other hand, is a lecturer. Whether teaching, presenting, or consulting, he dispenses knowledge for listeners to apply. Establishing rapport is a skill he has developed over time. But in order to personalize information, he has to understand his audience in as much detail as possible. His primary skill is questioning.

Great lecturers do not necessarily create knowledge. But realize that knowledge is more readily available now than at any time in history. A great lecturer personalizes the knowledge. They present information in ways that multiple individuals in the audience want to receive it. Consequently, asking the right questions, while sharing information to ensure understanding, is an exceptionally valuable attribute. And, as the audience responds, either by individual or as a crowd, the connection becomes more firmly established. And, whether the bold learners address him during Q & A, or the extremely bold learners approach as he packs his materials to leave, Friend Two reinforces connection by exchanging more information individually.

Fundamentally, connecting with people happens at an emotional level. President Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” The conversation is just the foundation. The listening and connecting is where the value happens. Relationship is the foundation of human and commercial value. Would you buy your morning coffee from someone if you do not believe it is going to be good (or at least dark & hot)? Whether the power comes from listening or questioning, it is the personalized dialogue that expresses caring. And caring is the foundation of relationship.

So, in building relationship, how do you express caring? When are you most receptive to connecting?

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond

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Get On The Lifeboat

Titanic Band

According to historic accounts, the band played until the Titanic sank. People’s lives are at stake, and these musicians did their jobs. Jobs are important. But, priorities have a hierarchy. Preserving life is more important than hitting your note. Flatteringly, history acknowledges that the musicians provided a noble service. Still, an individual possesses a higher calling than their occupation. Each individual must take into account their entire contribution for every community where they participate. Then, maximize it. If the ship is sinking, make it a priority to help others get on the lifeboat. Life is precious. Consequently, by all means get on the lifeboat, too!

Your Job
Receiving value for individual contributions is part of the economy of humanity. When money enters the equation, quantifying the contribution’s value and discerning comparisons, become measurable, if not easier. Roles as parent, sibling, companion, mentor, bridge partner, or golfing buddy also matter. Fulfilling the highest contribution takes many forms. Understandably, work demonstrates economic and psychological worth. But, what happens when a worker’s replacement is identified? Is the predecessor rendered worthless? What about the boss who benefited from extraordinary efforts from previous staff? Is that contribution marginalized by the inability to maintain productivity? To the contrary, effective leaders constantly develop talent for contingencies. Inevitably, needs emerge for replacements. Hopefully, contributors evolve and grow. No rational individual should confuse their entire personal value with their organizational position, or economic contribution. The job is important. So is individual self-worth.

Your Responsibility
Saving and comforting perishing passengers is a noble duty. However, every individual has individual gifts to perpetuate. The Titanic’s exceptional musicians admirably performed their jobs and tragically left gaping holes with friends and families. Ultimately, responsibility is contributing to a greater benefit than the individual. The job is important. Fulfilling each human’s potential is also important. A higher responsibility is to contribute to family, community, and mankind. That greater purpose features assorted talents. Develop and deliver diverse and evolving skills that greater purpose. Seek opportunities to grow and contribute more. Ignoring that personal responsibility empowers someone else who will gladly use the value of such individual gifts for their own personal improvement.

Try naming ten martyrs. How about five? On the other hand, quickly name five lives that you presently enhance! Your personal gifting, not your professional role enhances those lives. Clearly, establish a purpose and fulfill it. It can certainly coincide with professional duties. Performing a job well is important. But, it does not qualify as a life purpose. Account for the impact that an individual’s successful performance delivers. Recognize the difference between a duty and a calling. A duty is the performance of a task for a specific benefit. A calling is the application of individual passions and skills to maximize contribution for many. No one can save another in the long-term, if the first person sinks in the present. Yes, you have a job. You also have a responsibility. To maximize your personal contribution, choose which of your attributes impact the lives or community that most matter to you individually! Prioritize and deliver on that calling.

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond

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Bloom Where You’re Planted


Community gardens uniquely reflect growth! The location’s inherent beauty and the unconquerable human spirit jointly emerge regardless of the surrounding environment’s condition. The individual may suffer. Aggregately, life thrives despite the surroundings. Whatever conditions may dictate the environment, in the presence of community, life perseveres. Similarly, great ideas are birthed wherever the human spirit intercedes. Today’s dilapidated warehouse becomes tomorrow’s technology hub. Like the garden in a field of asphalt, the result demonstrates that life, people and ideas have the capacity to bloom where they are planted.

Before the garden spreads, the first seeds must have their breakthrough. All the seeds have the genetic capacity to emerge in harsh soil. However, certain seeds have either genetic tenacity, or a fortuitous crack near their germination which results in their breakthrough. People, and subsequently communities, must take advantage of breakthroughs as soon as they happen. Blooming never gets the chance without an available opportunity. Call it luck; call it favor; call it destiny. But to bloom where planted, the individual has to answer the call. Whenever someone emerges successfully from squalor despite nearby death and destruction, that individual seized their breakthrough and then absorbed a disproportionate amount of radiance and nutrients. Another nearby person may have had more innate talent. Yet, they failed to seize the resources that were available to all. Blooming requires grabbing resources where seeds take root, then expanding beyond the local boundaries. Do not wait for the next turn. Fight for resources that provide individual transformations.

Greatness is not a singular event. The bloom that emerges in their desolate environment needs to spread seed in the environment so that additional growth can occur. The garden is not successful with one stalk. Success requires a community of vegetation to make the soil healthy enough for more growth. The goal is to bloom where you are planted. It is not bloom, then wait to be transplanted. Even with expanding growth opportunities, no guarantee exists that every new seedling has a breakthrough. Bloom where you are planted requires cultivating a more vibrant and fruitful garden which enriches the soil to reproduce additional growth. The pockets of life interact. Their networking strengthens their aggregate opportunities to benefit each other and grow. A community does not grow one individual at a time. It grows and flourished when multiple pockets emerge in the same general location. The groupings share resources and nourishment, then the garden eventually changes its characters. The asphalt gives way to fertile growth.

Creating a vibrant community requires a symbiotic, pro-growth environment. Tilling, seeding, watering, pruning are all components of growing a garden, even a community garden. Spreading ideas and opportunities into pockets of growth facilitate the next generation enduring the same routine. Blooming is not a singular event. Growth demands time and replication. To change the environment, the enriched soil must be maintained. Remove weeds that choke the growth. Also, introduce outside influences that understand how to grow gardens so that they benefit from proven practices. Blooming communities require the ability to develop and nourish each other. It is difficult, but it is worthwhile. But to start, the first intentional cultivation must bloom where it is planted.

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

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You Have Permission


“Dare to be great” is an inspirational quote that challenges people to get motivated and pursue their dreams. The idea suggests that achievement is a result of external encouragement. And, in many cases an external push goes a long way to help individual progress. But, extraordinary progress comes from the inside. Fiery speeches and emotionally charged challenges are easy to see as inspirational. Typically, a group benefits from the rhetoric and the communal rush results in incredible accomplishments. But, for an individual to exceed personal capability, that person only needs permission.

Permission typically looks like a parent or authority figure granting the ability for someone under their watch to do something. But, permission gets the best results when it is internally generated. A person realizes that their inner strength, or act of faith, can unleash power leading directly to significant achievement. Regardless of how any individual observes, or exercises their faith, the inner voice that guides decisions gives permission to dream bigger and to reach new heights. Exercise caution in blindly obeying faith. However, in selecting and pursuing any goal, faith needs to be understood. Whatever an individual believes will guide them to some accomplishment. The voice that grants permission determines the size and scope. The power is inside each of us whether to pursue a given goal or not. The choice is yours. Regardless, permission has already been granted.

Permission means you have authority. Why wait any longer? Of course, problems and obstacles will surface. They appear, regardless. In most cases, they existed before the opportunity for action even appeared. But achievement, satisfaction and success is on the other side of the obstacles. People commonly have grandiose desires to express themselves creatively. Who does not dream of singing, writing, speaking, leading, performing, launching? The permission has been granted. Accept the assignment and take a chance in front of the audience. Yes, failure is a possibility. So, is a second and third chance. Permission is immune to failure. Upon seizing permission, pursuing additional aspirations gets easier. Courage to try again must be summoned. Yet, once permission is granted, it cannot be revoked. An individual may relinquish it. That is a choice. But, permission is granted. That is a gift.

Once permission has been granted, no one needs to double check. The recipient can now take risks. That person would be wise to use their best judgment. They also will want to use all the skills and talents at their disposal. But, no one needs to ask again. In that sense, permission is liberating. Permission empowers being responsibly selfish. Heck, it empowers being irresponsibly selfish! Simply, permission gives the power to be. And, it is available for the taking. Just receive it. Use it. Check back later to see the results. It is time to go!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond

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Dream While You’re Awake


My best decision last week was to take a Saturday morning nap, then wake up and dream. Fresh ideas emerged that resulted in opportunities that I am pursuing today. Dream while you are awake. It’s easier to make them a reality!

First Is Mental
Dreams are typically believed to exist in the mind. They are purely a mental exercise. Dreams happen when people sleep which implies that the body is resting. But then, how do you explain sleepwalking? Or waking up in a cold sweat? The mental state for dreaming is an expectation, not a physical law. Even when people talk metaphorically about dreaming, it remains a mental exercise. However, incredible accomplishments emerge from these dreams that take shape while awake. Either in the subconscious, or the mind’s eye, desire for achieving incredible deeds are associated with dreams. The reality is that innovation, or super-human accomplishment, incubates within virtually limitless mental capabilities. And then, it happens!

Next is Physical
Ideas take shape and their limitations become obvious under intellectual scrutiny, then choices tend to move toward practical and feasible options. Resources and constraints enter the picture when approaching physical possibilities. Reality abruptly interrupts dreams! Great ideas are abandoned because too little time is available. Or, the technology for unprecedented execution is unavailable. The right people to get it done are inaccessible. Consequently, only practical paths are pursued. The physical becomes limited to what can happen in the current reality. But, do not fall for that deception! Reality is merely an understanding of what current thinking can accomplish. Dreams empower the impossible to happen. And, everything is impossible until someone does it. So whether asleep or awake, let dreams lead the way to physical manifestation; not the other way around. Circumnavigating the globe, breaking the sound barrier, free falling from the edge of space were all dreams. They were all impossible. They are all now part of recorded history!

Consciously, people only scratch the surface of possibilities. In the absence of external restrictions, people have the option to reach inside and explore limitless possibilities. Encounter a physical threat or crisis, then watch the body exceed its preconceived capabilities. People run farther, demonstrate great feats of strengths, or solve complex problems when threatened. The power was hidden in the mental state. The physical capabilities existed all along. The point is to identify your dreams. Create them in a quiet place where they receive singular attention. No one really sleeps well in noisy environments. Consequently, people do not dream well in noisy environments. Even the Old Testament teaches, “Be still and know that I am God.” If greatness is in you, then give it an environment to incubate and birth. Then, get the greatness out of you! Not just in a crisis, but whenever is necessary. The choice is simple. Dream bigger! Achieve more!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

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The Mind is the Great Equalizer


People have assorted gifts, attributes, resources and biases. One may have greater assets, another may demonstrate superior curiosity. But, value for a human being starts in the mind. Ultimately, the mind is the great equalizer.

The mind has no weight, it has no size. It cannot be experienced by any of our five senses. But its quality is obvious by our ideas. And, ideas have value. Most importantly our minds can grow, or they can shrink despite the fact that they have no mass.

It seems truly ironic that this valuable, innocuous object is the great equalizer.  Consider that the quality of our thoughts and understanding have value. An actively growing mind can influence an environment, or affect one’s quality of life. So, how is it developed in order that an individual can take advantage of its power?

Acquiring knowledge is an essential driver for expanding the mind.  Learning is not simply an academic exercise. Essentially, it is an experiential exercise. Reading a book does not make you smart any more than standing in a flower bed makes you a daisy. Applying expanded thinking makes you smart. Conversely, learning flawed information diminishes your mind.  Development results from experiences that nurture the mind with beneficial information. Consequently, discerning the information’s source is crucial. Feeding the mind with bad information fundamentally weakens it.  Alternatively, to maximize learning, connecting with other strong minds is mandatory. Strong minds and intelligent people do not come with labels so exercise insight, then judgment to identify and benefit from them.

Additionally, growing the mind benefits from a healthy dose of imagination. Quoting Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Expanding the mind requires extending beyond established boundaries of understanding and knowledge. Imagination is dynamic. Essentially, it supersizes learning.  It is both a catalyst and accelerant. Imagination empowers ordinary minds to challenge extraordinary ideas. Learning and imagination equalize intellectual abilities by serving as a gateway to achievement. Add in execution, then opportunities are virtually limitless.

In conclusion, the mind is the great equalizer; not wealth, not good looks, not genetics. With knowledge and imagination as fuel, the mind is a vehicle with limitless potential and can produce incredible achievement. Building your mind requires intentional activity. But the results are undeniable. Set high goals. Start developing your mind. Deploy your imagination. Execute relentlessly. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t stop until you surpass your rivals. The mind is the great equalizer! Let it take you to new heights. Start now and you have already separated from the crowd!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

Thanks Susan

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Good Luck

Good Luck

Running Mo Patton Sports LLC, a Nashville-based sports media company, I get to wish young athletes good luck all the time. What I really mean is good fortune. Or, I want things to go your way. However, saying “good luck” is better received. And in a business where I need to have people very comfortable talking to me, I refuse to fall on a self-righteous sword to disregard my superstitious audience’s constant search for luck. That would be bad luck, or more accurate, unfortunate for me. Instead I communicate with my audience in a language where they are comfortable. I want them to be lucky, not brow-beaten by a self-appointed language sheriff.

Self-Made Men
“Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.” ~E.B. White. If luck represents a significant contributor to success, then it would be important to people who have been prosperous. However, successful individuals are more likely to proclaim “Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)” rather than “Thank my lucky stars.” Execution drives positive results. Individuals who define themselves through their accomplishments will more likely honestly assess their actions. Like my athletes, encouraging them to enjoy good luck is polite. Strategy, preparation, execution are the real drivers for success. Whether crushing your competition on the ball field or in the marketplace, winning is predicated on performance!

A Great Believer
“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~Thomas Jefferson. An avowed rationalist, President Jefferson has his tongue firmly placed in his cheek when he first uttered this statement. His luck is a direct result of his work ethic. He owns his success! Consequently, single-minded courage and confidence were primary drivers in establishing beliefs leading to launching the United States of America. In encouraging excellence within a team, through an organization or throughout a nation, believing the goal will be achieved represents a great start. Then, concentrated effort delivers results!

Strategy is an ingredient in accomplishing extraordinary goals. Preparation is another ingredient in that outcome. Execution, then, can produce the desired goal. The best part of achievement is that it is contagious. In demonstrating hard work leading to success others will want to follow. Leadership is predicated on one win leading to another win until significant momentum emerges. Whether you are in the starting blocks or the initial meeting to pitch the next great company, throw luck out the window. Summon your preparation and strategic planning. Then, get ready to work your butt off! Work through the necessary processes. Finish with accepting the results. Then build upon the initial steps to make the subsequent ones even better. Iterate. Iterate again. Earn the privilege to control your destiny. Now, establish your destiny. Good fortune!

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Mo Patton Sports, LLC
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

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The Glenn-peror’s New Groove

During my amazing experience with the Life Transformation 360 fitness program, I posted my recent results on the group’s Facebook page. This happens all the time in the program’s community. On this particular post, I commented that I had lost so many inches that none of my clothes fit any longer. Consequently, a fellow participant humorously posted, “The Glenn-peror’s New Clothes”!

I loved the witticism! However, I immediately morphed the metaphor to the “Glenn-peror’s New Groove” based on the wildly funny Disney feature animation film. This movie is a personal favorite largely because of the subtly mature humor infused in the story, but more importantly because of the transformative themes of endurance and change. Furthermore, the play on words regarding my healthy weight loss leading to physical and behavioral change was irresistible.

In the movie, the emperor is a spoiled child-king whose whimsical ways and wicked adviser make him a prime target for personal failure. Through bad decisions and an evil potion, he changes into a llama (could have easily been a donkey). Likewise, I gained entirely too much weight over the years as a result of bad decisions and eating poorly. Ironically, the emperor had to endure an emotional and behavioral conversion on the path to his physical transformation back to a human being. Despite advice, exercise and good intentions, I successfully lost weight only after I fully sold out to a healthier lifestyle dedicated to improving my behavior, my values and my diet.

Ultimately, the new clothes are just an external manifestation of an internal transformation. The behavioral change for relentlessly pursuing healthier choices, in turn leading to healthier outcomes, is the enduring lesson from this scenario. The Glenn-peror’s New Groove represents each of us having dominion over our attitude toward accomplishing significant changes. By taking full responsibility for your individual legacy, you can achieve unbelievable progress. Similar to the movie’s emperor, successful transformation is no longer selfish gain. It improves the livelihood of people around you.

Examine the results of your life choices and behaviors. Pay close attention to inconsistencies between what you know is right and what you actually do. Embrace the specific change that makes you who you should be. Your individual circumstances, roles and choices all have a stake in your outcomes. But, ultimately it is your behavior that determines results. Find a program, life-affirming tactics, a supportive group and then pursue the positive change that you desire. Your personal legacy depends on making the choices that promote your longevity and health. Create your own “new groove”. New clothes are optional, but really can’t hurt.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director, Mo Patton Sports, LLC

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