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Give Me Heat & I’ll Give You Wood

Randy Friedrich

An old man in the depths of winter shivered in his cabin deep in the woods. With only an empty potbelly stove to keep him company, he barked toward the stove, “Give me heat and I’ll give you wood.” He froze waiting for the response. Who among us is freezing waiting for wood? Waiting for outside influences to intercede on your behalf and resolve your issues is both childish and unlikely. If only you could resolve overwhelming individual challenges in another way…

Identify The Problem
All decisions have consequences. But, do we fully embrace the consequences of our life choices. When considering individual challenges in life, too often one specific problem is really the linchpin. It is the highest priority. It may be disguised by other inconveniences or factors, but the true problem is evident. You unsuccessfully seek work. Is the problem unemployment or personal pride? You want to lose weight. Is it too many calories? Is it denial in accepting health changes accompanying an aging body? The problem has a root. Identify the root with honesty and clarity in order to manage it. Symptoms are deceptive. Seek the real cause that created the problem. Waiting for the world to change and see your challenges your way is the wrong answer. Realizing what factor actually drives the problem, then address it. This step is hard, but is necessary to start.

Set Your Goal
The next step is the action to address the factor that drives the problem. If poor job performance plagues you, then identify and acquire the skills to improve. If your corrective action is not your responsibility, then adjust your attitude. Or, find an environment that better fits your initiative and skills. This problem is self-entitlement, not poor performance. Regardless, to improve the situation, it may require a change of scenery. It will require a plan. Go to one more job fair. Consult with a placement professional. Then repeat. Achieving goals require action and tenacity. But first, establish the goal in measurable detail and start executing your plan to achieve the goal.

Find Your Solution
Resolving problems requires choices and actions. You get a job offer. Take it or keep looking for a better one. You hit the weight loss goal. Continue the positive habit. Take the necessary step to enjoy the resolution. Progress requires work. People suffer through their personal frozen existence all the time. It is easy to sit rigidly, complain about circumstances, then complain more about the consequences. But by identifying the goal, then attacking it, change happens. Add a good decision to the process and positive change happens. Begin executing the improved reality.

Do you want resolution, or just to be right? If the goal is to be right, then don’t even start the process to overcome your challenges. Your suffering is your reward. The old man in the cabin did not have a problem with the cold. He had a problem with control. He stubbornly wanted to control the cause and the effect. Sometimes you can. But, are you willing to die because of the times you can’t? Understand the solution that you seek. Solve the problem. Make it a priority. Insurmountable problems evolve from stacking problems on top of each other. Solve the most pressing problem first and let the others tumble. Get started. Problems are growing while you wait.

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond


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