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Dream While You’re Awake


My best decision last week was to take a Saturday morning nap, then wake up and dream. Fresh ideas emerged that resulted in opportunities that I am pursuing today. Dream while you are awake. It’s easier to make them a reality!

First Is Mental
Dreams are typically believed to exist in the mind. They are purely a mental exercise. Dreams happen when people sleep which implies that the body is resting. But then, how do you explain sleepwalking? Or waking up in a cold sweat? The mental state for dreaming is an expectation, not a physical law. Even when people talk metaphorically about dreaming, it remains a mental exercise. However, incredible accomplishments emerge from these dreams that take shape while awake. Either in the subconscious, or the mind’s eye, desire for achieving incredible deeds are associated with dreams. The reality is that innovation, or super-human accomplishment, incubates within virtually limitless mental capabilities. And then, it happens!

Next is Physical
Ideas take shape and their limitations become obvious under intellectual scrutiny, then choices tend to move toward practical and feasible options. Resources and constraints enter the picture when approaching physical possibilities. Reality abruptly interrupts dreams! Great ideas are abandoned because too little time is available. Or, the technology for unprecedented execution is unavailable. The right people to get it done are inaccessible. Consequently, only practical paths are pursued. The physical becomes limited to what can happen in the current reality. But, do not fall for that deception! Reality is merely an understanding of what current thinking can accomplish. Dreams empower the impossible to happen. And, everything is impossible until someone does it. So whether asleep or awake, let dreams lead the way to physical manifestation; not the other way around. Circumnavigating the globe, breaking the sound barrier, free falling from the edge of space were all dreams. They were all impossible. They are all now part of recorded history!

Consciously, people only scratch the surface of possibilities. In the absence of external restrictions, people have the option to reach inside and explore limitless possibilities. Encounter a physical threat or crisis, then watch the body exceed its preconceived capabilities. People run farther, demonstrate great feats of strengths, or solve complex problems when threatened. The power was hidden in the mental state. The physical capabilities existed all along. The point is to identify your dreams. Create them in a quiet place where they receive singular attention. No one really sleeps well in noisy environments. Consequently, people do not dream well in noisy environments. Even the Old Testament teaches, “Be still and know that I am God.” If greatness is in you, then give it an environment to incubate and birth. Then, get the greatness out of you! Not just in a crisis, but whenever is necessary. The choice is simple. Dream bigger! Achieve more!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond


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