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Champion Building Ingredients

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I love gourmet cupcakes! Great cupcakes are a combination of presentation, aroma and of course, sweetness. The price tag does not make the cupcake great. The difference is how all the ingredients come together for a superior experience. Likewise, great teams deliver superior performance when all their ingredients come together. The right combination mixes in just the right way to create extraordinary results!

Acquire Talent
Talent is an essential ingredient. Talent wins championships! But, talent is merely a great place to start. The end product is likely to be better when starting with great pieces. But through their individual greatness, the pieces still must complement each other. Excellent coaching clearly facilitates developing cohesiveness. Nevertheless, the talent must be cultivated to perform as a unit. To get the most from the collective contribution, individual greatness may have to be sacrificed for the benefit of the whole. Or in the cupcake world, the great cupcake may sacrifice a little sugar in the cream cheese icing so that the icing’s tartness accentuates the super sweet decadence of the cake beneath it. The masterful cook acquires superior ingredients in order to combine them in such a way that maximizes their collective flavor. Ultimate success occurs when all ingredients contribute toward combined, optimal greatness.

Bring Passion
To achieve heightened levels of performance someone must really know how to cook. The ingredients are important. The recipe must be meticulously executed. But, the intangibles are absolutely essential. It really is more the chef, than the ingredients! For building a team, synergy represents the intangible. The combined ingredients produce more than they can individually produce separately. Passion is an intangible that creates value. Fundamentally, passion creates life! And, it makes the team work together better. But, that passion has to be channeled properly. That is the leader’s job. The ingredients must strategically interact to result in exciting accomplishments. Consequently, a great team emerges when every member accepts their individual role toward making the team great. Then, they passionately perform.

In conclusion, talent is the ticket to ride. Passion makes the ride epic! Commitment facilitates the ingredients to contribute more than they can singularly. Then, the coordinated effort delivers the result; it wins the prize! Championship-level output is not just ingredients and cooking. It is all elements passionately cooperating toward a common good. Good ingredients will get you eating cupcakes. A great recipe expertly executed will keep you wanting more. But by adding commitment to the process, people keep eating cupcakes until they have to loosen belt loops. Build the team that passionately wants to keep succeeding. Let’s grab another great cupcake!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond


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The Mind is the Great Equalizer


People have assorted gifts, attributes, resources and biases. One may have greater assets, another may demonstrate superior curiosity. But, value for a human being starts in the mind. Ultimately, the mind is the great equalizer.

The mind has no weight, it has no size. It cannot be experienced by any of our five senses. But its quality is obvious by our ideas. And, ideas have value. Most importantly our minds can grow, or they can shrink despite the fact that they have no mass.

It seems truly ironic that this valuable, innocuous object is the great equalizer.  Consider that the quality of our thoughts and understanding have value. An actively growing mind can influence an environment, or affect one’s quality of life. So, how is it developed in order that an individual can take advantage of its power?

Acquiring knowledge is an essential driver for expanding the mind.  Learning is not simply an academic exercise. Essentially, it is an experiential exercise. Reading a book does not make you smart any more than standing in a flower bed makes you a daisy. Applying expanded thinking makes you smart. Conversely, learning flawed information diminishes your mind.  Development results from experiences that nurture the mind with beneficial information. Consequently, discerning the information’s source is crucial. Feeding the mind with bad information fundamentally weakens it.  Alternatively, to maximize learning, connecting with other strong minds is mandatory. Strong minds and intelligent people do not come with labels so exercise insight, then judgment to identify and benefit from them.

Additionally, growing the mind benefits from a healthy dose of imagination. Quoting Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Expanding the mind requires extending beyond established boundaries of understanding and knowledge. Imagination is dynamic. Essentially, it supersizes learning.  It is both a catalyst and accelerant. Imagination empowers ordinary minds to challenge extraordinary ideas. Learning and imagination equalize intellectual abilities by serving as a gateway to achievement. Add in execution, then opportunities are virtually limitless.

In conclusion, the mind is the great equalizer; not wealth, not good looks, not genetics. With knowledge and imagination as fuel, the mind is a vehicle with limitless potential and can produce incredible achievement. Building your mind requires intentional activity. But the results are undeniable. Set high goals. Start developing your mind. Deploy your imagination. Execute relentlessly. Be bold. Be brave. Don’t stop until you surpass your rivals. The mind is the great equalizer! Let it take you to new heights. Start now and you have already separated from the crowd!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

Thanks Susan

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