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Good Luck

Good Luck

Running Mo Patton Sports LLC, a Nashville-based sports media company, I get to wish young athletes good luck all the time. What I really mean is good fortune. Or, I want things to go your way. However, saying “good luck” is better received. And in a business where I need to have people very comfortable talking to me, I refuse to fall on a self-righteous sword to disregard my superstitious audience’s constant search for luck. That would be bad luck, or more accurate, unfortunate for me. Instead I communicate with my audience in a language where they are comfortable. I want them to be lucky, not brow-beaten by a self-appointed language sheriff.

Self-Made Men
“Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.” ~E.B. White. If luck represents a significant contributor to success, then it would be important to people who have been prosperous. However, successful individuals are more likely to proclaim “Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)” rather than “Thank my lucky stars.” Execution drives positive results. Individuals who define themselves through their accomplishments will more likely honestly assess their actions. Like my athletes, encouraging them to enjoy good luck is polite. Strategy, preparation, execution are the real drivers for success. Whether crushing your competition on the ball field or in the marketplace, winning is predicated on performance!

A Great Believer
“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~Thomas Jefferson. An avowed rationalist, President Jefferson has his tongue firmly placed in his cheek when he first uttered this statement. His luck is a direct result of his work ethic. He owns his success! Consequently, single-minded courage and confidence were primary drivers in establishing beliefs leading to launching the United States of America. In encouraging excellence within a team, through an organization or throughout a nation, believing the goal will be achieved represents a great start. Then, concentrated effort delivers results!

Strategy is an ingredient in accomplishing extraordinary goals. Preparation is another ingredient in that outcome. Execution, then, can produce the desired goal. The best part of achievement is that it is contagious. In demonstrating hard work leading to success others will want to follow. Leadership is predicated on one win leading to another win until significant momentum emerges. Whether you are in the starting blocks or the initial meeting to pitch the next great company, throw luck out the window. Summon your preparation and strategic planning. Then, get ready to work your butt off! Work through the necessary processes. Finish with accepting the results. Then build upon the initial steps to make the subsequent ones even better. Iterate. Iterate again. Earn the privilege to control your destiny. Now, establish your destiny. Good fortune!

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Mo Patton Sports, LLC
Principal of Hunter And Beyond


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  1. Thank you for your messages.

    Comment by Dawn | May 10, 2016 | Reply

  2. Thank You for the Recipe for Success your in writing!!! And for letting us know that achievement is contagious!!! But please tell me who ticked you off in that first paragraph?!

    Comment by Hone | May 10, 2016 | Reply

    • No one specifically ticked me off. But, some people are too quick to discount accomplishment as being lucky. Success comes from hard work! And, most of the hard work comes when no one is watching.

      Comment by Glenn W Hunter | May 10, 2016 | Reply

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