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The Idolatry of People

You Are Enough

You. Are. Enough. Let me repeat that so it goes through. You. Are. Enough. ~Unknown.
Why do people look externally for internal validation? An individual falls short then, looks outwardly for someone else to elevate them. “If only I was more like my hero then, I would be more successful.”, runs through too many minds. Furthermore, individuals exalt others to a status that no human could reasonably expect to achieve. Heroes, idols, rock stars are titles that are commonly thrown at someone with extraordinary achievements. Left unchecked, these titles evolve into worship. However if worship is eternal, why do people continue to search for divinity among mortals?

Idolizing External Accolades
Heroes are loved. They defend our faith and honor. We admire the results of their actions and celebrate their accomplishments. For example, world champion athletes are exalted as heroes. They receive fame, fortune and public adoration. People idolize them. But these heroes demonstrating poor personal choices or criminal behavior is nearly a cliché. Their achievements are real. The resulting glory is real. Where their fame manifests in bad behavior and worse choices, their eventual fall from grace is real, also! Connecting achievement with character is a recipe for disaster. Tremendous success does result from tremendous sacrifice. Conversely, worshiping the accolades without acknowledging the choices exposes followers to disappointment; then searching for the next idol.

Valuing Self-Worth
Establish your individual values. Assuming someone else’s values means you have also accepted their flaws. Selecting an individual to worship at a conveniently self-serving moment where their greatness is displayed is foolish. Deliberately ignoring struggles and compromises that make up their character, yet contributed to their success, is similar to worshiping Lady Luck after receiving successful lottery numbers. One has nothing to do with the other. Instead, build better character as a result of conquering personal struggles. Was there a personal lapse in judgement resulting in a personal catastrophe? Get up! Leverage previous good decisions to erect another pedestal that is higher than the one from which you fell. You are worthy because you survived, then ascended! Value each win. You earned them. Now, focus on replicating them! These steps build unique greatness.

Too many individuals want to make idols of other people. But, these other people are flawed. And when they fall, the next human idol takes their place. Stop that. Instead, admire values. Emulate positive traits. But, never exalt people!

Own your individual destiny by developing personal skills emphasizing your own strengths. You have them! Next, identify your time frame. You control that! The idolatry of people demands bowing before a fallen god. Instead, develop individual talents to achieve desired outcomes in concert with personal values. Accept your individual blessing. Discovering and developing unique experiences grows your internal worth. Possess the courage to identify and display your inherent greatness. “You are enough.”

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Mo Patton Sports, LLC
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

Thanks DP!

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