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I’m Telling This Story for Me!

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A college student cried out to his favorite professor about how his family was totally unsympathetic to his challenges pursuing his education. The professor responded by telling him about a problem early in his career with his wife mindlessly buying knick-knacks for their house. The teacher continued saying he complained to his mentor, a very successful business professional, how the wife’s spending derailed him from reaching their life goals. The mentor responded that he fully understood the pain because he recently complained to his mentor, a well-known executive, how his wife refused to stop buying new living room furniture with every whim. The well-known and very wealthy executive likewise bemoaned how his wife repeatedly retained architects and contractors looking to completely rebuild her dream kitchen. At this point, the irritated student asked his teacher, “Why are you telling me this? I really don’t care about it!” The teacher stared back at the student and replied, “You?? I’m telling this story for me! Everyone has problems, only you can determine how you will manage yours.”

Woe is Me
Too often, individuals invite others to their personal pity party. Seeking wisdom from more experienced people is a good idea. Sage advisors can offer a lot by patiently listening. But, no one wants to stay long at a pity party. Ultimately, the professor encouraged the student to look selfishly at his problems. He suggested that the student manage his problems according to his own values and choices. The professor’s mentor could have easily told him to tell his wife to stop spending or else. But, the inevitable question becomes, “Or else what?” The moral is that people accept what they are willing to allow. Everyone must reflect on their individual story, then determine what their values will allow them to do. Only then, can someone determine what path they are willing to take and what sacrifices they are willing to make.

Challenge Your Excellence
Upon determining values, individuals must identify how much they are willing to stretch. Excellence is achieved, not accepted. In the student’s case, is he willing to stop attending family functions where Aunt Naysayer solves everyone’s problems but her own? Is respecting Aunt Naysayer more important than achieving his life’s ambitions? Upon choosing forward progress, then reaching goals require execution. In achieving success, complaining about the path is allowed. Getting off the path is not! Misery loves company. Every single person must determine whether misery remains in their inner circle. Excellence and misery cannot co-exist. Everyone gets to choose who stays!

We each must apply our own values to our individual priorities. Sage advice is good. Establishing personal priorities for individual aspirations is better. Next, challenge your excellence. Are you reaching as high as comfortable, or as high as possible? Each individual knows how much pain they can endure. Then, they must accept that they can actually endure more! You know your story. Eventually, you must endure consequences, or endure the misery of staying in the same place fulfilling someone else’s story.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Mo Patton Sports, LLC



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A New Day, A Better Choice


I cheat on my diet. My problem is not fidelity; it is temptation. Fidelity is a characteristic. Temptation is a choice. Today’s donut does not dictate tomorrow’s habit. Tomorrow is a new day and I can satisfy my appetite within the guidelines of my health program. I can make better choices.

Start at Zero
In achieving goals, fundamentals are consistent and classic. Children have learned for over 100 years from reading Alice in Wonderland, “’Begin at the beginning,’ the King said, very gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’” Upon setting a measurable goal, get started, trust each step, cross the finish line. As part of my fitness regimen, exercise goals are important. When I eat badly, I can still decide to run according to that specific schedule. One unsatisfactory component of the program does not necessarily dismiss the entire plan. Of course, we may encounter terminal events. But, not every day. Succumbing to temptations does not necessarily result in failure. Simply choose to do better the next day. Let your character be consistent, even when an individual choice is not.

Watch Your Goal
Achieving weight loss, or any other challenge, is not a linear proposition. Factors from illness, to schedules, to weather can affect the end result. However, the advantage of trusting a process is that no factor in isolation dictates the end result. Repeatedly deviating from the course most likely results in a dramatically different destination. But, by keeping focus on the goal the destination remains attainable. Quarterly sales targets are not achieved in one day. Success results from ongoing activity toward the specific goal.

The Finish Line
Sprinters learn to explode though the finish line. By keeping the goal in sight, winners know exactly how to approach the desired result. Five pounds from your target weight? Not the time for pizza and beer until dawn? Victory is at hand, so reach out and grab it! Two chapters from completing the novel, who puts the book on the shelf and forgets about it? Seize the moment and the brass ring!

Understandably, delays and distractions are part of goal achievement. They are often unavoidable, but tomorrow is a new day. After trusting each correct step, watching the goal, and crossing the finish line, realize that success is a matter of when, not if. Yes, some goals are timed. Other goals require a second try. But, a new day provides for both potential pitfalls. Students have one shot to graduate in May of their fourth year. But, the opportunity to graduate remains. Deadlines can be re-written, but success is always remembered. Embrace the new day, start where you are and achieve that specific goal.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~Marcus Aurelius

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Mo Patton Sports, LLC


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