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The Glenn-peror’s New Groove

During my amazing experience with the Life Transformation 360 fitness program, I posted my recent results on the group’s Facebook page. This happens all the time in the program’s community. On this particular post, I commented that I had lost so many inches that none of my clothes fit any longer. Consequently, a fellow participant humorously posted, “The Glenn-peror’s New Clothes”!

I loved the witticism! However, I immediately morphed the metaphor to the “Glenn-peror’s New Groove” based on the wildly funny Disney feature animation film. This movie is a personal favorite largely because of the subtly mature humor infused in the story, but more importantly because of the transformative themes of endurance and change. Furthermore, the play on words regarding my healthy weight loss leading to physical and behavioral change was irresistible.

In the movie, the emperor is a spoiled child-king whose whimsical ways and wicked adviser make him a prime target for personal failure. Through bad decisions and an evil potion, he changes into a llama (could have easily been a donkey). Likewise, I gained entirely too much weight over the years as a result of bad decisions and eating poorly. Ironically, the emperor had to endure an emotional and behavioral conversion on the path to his physical transformation back to a human being. Despite advice, exercise and good intentions, I successfully lost weight only after I fully sold out to a healthier lifestyle dedicated to improving my behavior, my values and my diet.

Ultimately, the new clothes are just an external manifestation of an internal transformation. The behavioral change for relentlessly pursuing healthier choices, in turn leading to healthier outcomes, is the enduring lesson from this scenario. The Glenn-peror’s New Groove represents each of us having dominion over our attitude toward accomplishing significant changes. By taking full responsibility for your individual legacy, you can achieve unbelievable progress. Similar to the movie’s emperor, successful transformation is no longer selfish gain. It improves the livelihood of people around you.

Examine the results of your life choices and behaviors. Pay close attention to inconsistencies between what you know is right and what you actually do. Embrace the specific change that makes you who you should be. Your individual circumstances, roles and choices all have a stake in your outcomes. But, ultimately it is your behavior that determines results. Find a program, life-affirming tactics, a supportive group and then pursue the positive change that you desire. Your personal legacy depends on making the choices that promote your longevity and health. Create your own “new groove”. New clothes are optional, but really can’t hurt.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director, Mo Patton Sports, LLC


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