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Did Enough To Say I Tried, But Not Enough To Say I Did


Potential is not the beginning of achievement, execution is! People often claim that they tried, but never truly expected to succeed. Worse, these very people have the tools and capabilities for success. Then absolute worst, they exist in environments that systematically endorse their failure. An individual tries to lose weight. They exercise more, they track their calories, and a loved one continues to cook their favorite dessert on a regular basis. And, if the temptation was not great enough, the loved one criticizes the dieter for not being appreciative.

Anyone aspiring for personal improvement must get through the “buts”. Peers, family members, colleagues too often outwardly support the effort, but secretly sabotage the execution. Selfishly, it justifies their own mediocrity. They allege their superiority with statements like: “You had a chance, but you are no more special than the rest of us.”, “I would have told her, but she had to find out for herself.”, “He is just like the rest of us, but now he knows it for himself.” Ultimately, achievement is more than superior talent or planning. It requires tenacity to navigate through the “buts” and to focus on the objective. Achievers internalize their own reason for their objective, which then becomes the beacon for success.

To overcome distractions that accompany pursuing important objectives, an unyielding desire must be supported with specific choices. Winners study instead of going to the party. They visit the gym instead of getting the free gift and never returning. Essentially, “they do what others won’t do to get what others won’t have!” Exercising choice, like exercising your body and exercising your mind directly leads to improved results. The ordinary individual starts fad diets, crams for exams, emails generic responses to online job posts. Then, they return to the masses to join their chorus about the unfairness of life. The exceptional achiever shows discipline and personal responsibility to reach objectives, instead of keeping with the crowd that provides comfort and mediocrity.

Not Yet
Success requires removing “I tried” from your vocabulary. Replace it with “I did”, or “Not yet”. Not yet, implies persistence. Not yet, implies execution. Not yet, implies multiple attempts. Efforts are applauded, results are rewarded! Not yet, mean fully expecting the reward. Make the difficult decision to prioritize each successful activity toward specific objectives. When the activity is no longer a priority, then move onto to the next activity. Move on to new friends and life experiences beyond the ordinary, while you are at it.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, Master Yoda famously taught: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” He said this living in a swamp (well, a swamp-like planet). By the end of the story, he was a mentor to an intergalactic leader. Naysayers may say, “That’s just fiction”. Chances are, that is what so-called friends are saying about your aspirations. Misery loves company, but that does not mean that you have to be the one keeping company with misery. Separate from the crowd, pick a goal, set a plan, and execute it to the point of “I did”!!

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By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond


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