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First, Pass the Quitters

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“Success is a statistical event”, according to Dr. Dennis Kimbro, business professor, author, and wealth expert. Athletic events, business ventures, academic competition all result in winners and losers. While winners achieve success in several ways, certain fundamentals are consistent. The actual contest does not determine the winner, but multiple processes and activities along the way do! Furthermore, executing these processes with focus, commitment, and timeliness create eventual champions. Recognizing that champions are the last contestants standing, let’s mark the path leading to the winner’s podium.

First, you must pass the quitters! Just because a competitor arrived at the event does not mean that they came to win. A practical example is a business participating in a competitive bidding process for “the experience”. They never planned, nor expected to win. And, they don’t. Essentially, they quit before the process started. Serious competitors must get past these quitters without hesitation, nor distraction. Exhaustive preparation and training is the separating factor. Consequently, in athletic competition quitters often accept their futility during warm-ups. More serious, inspired contestants eliminate quitters in order to focus on the rigor and requirements of competing for the top prize.

Even among serious competitors, winners must advance among this shrinking field. The steps begin with the planning. In the corporate arena, developing a strategy to lead a specific marketplace begins well before the product actually launches. The same is true in sports. Coach Vince Lombardi’s classic exhortation, “Gentlemen, this is a football!” set the tone early at the first practice for his championship teams to embrace basic fundamentals on their way to historic excellence. Getting beyond rival competitors requires attention to detail, superior strategy and relentless execution. Correctly stated, perfect practice makes perfect. And, perfect practice is a daily aspiration. To defeat legitimate competitors, all preparation, practice, and performance happens at an elite level at all times.

When champions are finally crowned, they appreciate that success requires a bit of luck. However, they fully realize that luck is where preparation meets opportunity! All the skill development, all the strategy, all the planning, all the performances culminate at the moment of battle. Whether it is a sales presentation, a golf championship, or the national spelling bee, the totality of every progressive step emerges to the forefront at the end. And remember, every competitor to this point has demonstrated the same process of skill development through peak performance. Now, execution makes the difference. The competition’s conclusion declares the champion. But, champions earn their rewards away from the accolades and adoring crowds. Champions result from the lonely toil when their competition is the highest standard and the opponent is an unquenchable desire for greatness. If you arrive at the championship level expecting to add the final touches on your performance, then you have already ran out of time.

Champions do not have a purpose. For true champions, winning is THE purpose! Each opportunity to get better is valued. Practices are competitive. And, the ultimate competition is a repeat of previously practiced mastery. Champions are the last person standing because they prepared and persevered and performed. They followed a superior plan to deliver a superior performance. Successful execution was simply a byproduct of all the work, progress, and repetition endured along the journey. But first, champions must quickly pass the quitters. So, identify your ultimate prize. Outwork everyone else. Let’s go now!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter and Beyond


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