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That is The Question

Question Marks

Questions are powerful!! Effective sales people use them effectively. Cheesy pick-up artists use them poorly. They appear in casual conversation. They indicate a challenge to be resolved, or overcome. They lead to measurable results with the potential to multiply value in organizational endeavors and personal relationships. Let’s look at three questions demonstrating escalating value and power.

How Are You?
This query represents the most basic greeting and conveys pitifully little power. Automatically, most people mindlessly respond, “Fine how are you?” Upon closer inspection, neither party really heard the question. Furthermore, neither really heard the answer! “How are you?” is polite, but is otherwise useless. It is absent of sincerity. Additionally, when someone answers this harmless question sincerely, the questioner tends to get uncomfortable. Consequently, genuine and effective communicators must strike this questions from their speech habits. It adds no value at best. It demonstrates total disregard for a listener’s time and attention, at worst.

How Can I Help?
This question offers more sincerity and a hint of originality. In the event that the asker is sincere, then the potential for creating value has been introduced. Asking to help suggests the willingness, and implies the ability, to contribute. Provided that the responder genuinely has the skills, the opportunity to solve a problem can now be negotiated. The question is not a cliché. It connotes reaching out in trust. Once someone shares a problem, whether for empathy or for resolution, a foundation is established. From a foundation of trust many obstacles can be engaged and eliminated. We have moved up the power scale.

How Do We Get This Done?
This question leads straight to the power of questions. Logically, questions begat answers. Solutions are the point. Therefore, any question that directs toward achieving a specific solution conveys authority and strength. Any plan, strategy, or action that works toward getting something done is typically a worthwhile endeavor. “How do we get this done” launches the journey toward a desired result. So, anyone ready to work toward and achieve a specific goal needs to be armed with this question. Then, carefully consider the response.

Whether striving for goals involving business success, educational achievement, or social progress, pay attention to the questions that are part of reaching the solution. Weak questions have their place in polite conversation. But regarding actual achievement, intentional, strong questions drive results. So, what do you want to achieve? Identify strong, solution-based questions, then go discover the answers. Your success depends on it!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter and Beyond



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