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Turning Point


“People do not change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” People are inspired to action through many forces. Influence from other people move individuals to action. Religious revelation moves another person to change behaviors. A new idea spawned from reading or hearing a respected thinker can alter yet, another path. In all cases, change involves movement and that action requires a turning point.

A turning point is the location where movement results in a change of direction. It is not the force itself that causes the change in direction. It is a force applied when there is an opportunity to change. A car that changes direction in the middle of the highway will likely create an accident. However, a car that changes direction at an intersection has the opportunity to effectively complete its journey. So, what journey are you trying to complete? And, how do you complete it effectively? Have you reached your turning point?

Having awareness, the genesis of an idea, or the willingness to go forward, all reflect the start of a journey. Just like a physical journey starts with a physical step, a life journey starts with a single idea. It is an idea that identifies a personal goal before pursuing it. But, goals change overtime. A child’s goal maybe becoming the starting pitcher for the first game of the season. A few years later, that same person’s most important goal is being accepted to State University. The change in goals is a byproduct of evolving priorities. The desired result is a functioning adult that has learned from these and other experiences. Various turning points contributed to the eventual success. It could be a challenge from a better athlete on the team, or an Algebra teacher that convinces the youngster that they have a brilliantly analytical mind. Either way, success occurs when someone embraces such influences to turn their individual path toward a successful destination.

As those influences turn individuals toward a specific destination, a purpose comes into focus. During the journey, maps and directions are available. They help, but are usually too generic to be instructions for personal destinies. Individuals will still occasionally get off the path despite well-intentioned guidance. Not all advice is good advice. By the same token, individuals will get back on the path when they realize that more individualized guidance can re-align them with personal values. Not all advice is bad advice. Either way, make a decision.

So, what is the turning point? It differs for each individual. The turning point can be a spiritual conversion, timely guidance, a near-death experience, or a life-producing birth. What is important is that individuals are attentive to turning points in their personal journey. Firmly focusing on personal values helps identify turning points. Individuals will encounter guideposts, new ideas, and special people. Regardless, success requires making intentional decisions to move forward. Locate the turning point. Enjoy the journey. Celebrate with others. Under all circumstances, own the consequences. Each individual’s consequences are for them, alone. Choose wisely!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond


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  1. Well spoken and very informative Mr. Hunter. Great job once again!

    Comment by Brandon Wade | February 23, 2015 | Reply

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. Really great information.

    Comment by tarelle lane | February 23, 2015 | Reply

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