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A Date With Destiny

I have a date with Destiny. She just doesn’t know it yet. She is beautiful, seductive and desirable. And, I am going to make her mine!

Before stalking became a concept that parents explained to elementary school children, people pursued the object of their affection relentlessly. Unfortunately, in modern society, obsession implies serious romantic and legal complications. In the personal success world, it still reflects the best path to achieve your stated intentions. With regards to accomplishing individual achievements Destiny is not really a woman, but a personal purpose. She is the objective of your life’s desire. Destiny is your reason for being!

Like many women, the challenge with Destiny is that she is not easy. No matter how much you love her or the promises you make, you must actively and strategically pursue her! A goal without a plan is merely a dream. Consequently, with specific tactics and intentionality anyone can hook up with their Destiny. Here is how:

What does Destiny look like? Where is she? It is impossible to secure a goal without identifying it. Create a crystal clear picture of your individual Destiny. Whether it is money, power, fame, influence or service, be crystal clear about the object of your purpose. If you singularly want to serve the poor, then complain about your impoverished surroundings, then you have misled Destiny and yourself. Plan, then execute with tenacity and alignment. Know exactly what you want so that you know it when you see it. Most importantly, you will know it when you get it!

Love is not necessarily an exclusive, nor lifetime commitment; and neither is Destiny. Successful people love spouses, institutions, friends, and family members with equal zeal. But regarding Destiny, you must commit passionately to love your time together. Not necessarily singularly, but undoubtedly passionately! Experiencing true love requires investment: your time, talent, emotion and money. Pursuing Destiny is an investment because a greater reward is expected. Lust is an expenditure. After spending, the object and the experience are gone. At best it is a pleasant memory. Investing in your Destiny allows for long-term benefits. Furthermore, you can reach back inside yourself later and repeat the selfless denial that yielded your success. Your love for Destiny will justify the sacrifice required to pursue her. And the resultant glow is radiant!

To achieve life goals, declare your Destiny. I don’t know the only Destiny. There are others. All are beautiful and seductive in their own unique ways. Locate yours! Create expectations. Put a timeframe on it. Love delayed is love denied! Now make a date with Destiny, then pursue her with reckless abandon. Once securing her, you’ll agree that nothing else is like it. And of course, make plans to get together again soon!!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter and Beyond


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