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Live By Faith, Opportunities Are Imminent

Two accomplished business professionals were discussing their next major move. They moaned about the state of the economy, pressures in their personal lives, and the lack of support for business growth. Finally, the older professional leaped up and exclaimed, “I have to live by faith because the opportunities are imminent!!” If not now, when? Despite all the unique circumstances that trouble people in their daily lives, opportunities abound in every corner of life and society. So, who is really interested in securing them and expanding their fortunes?

Either someone believes opportunities are available, or they don’t. The belief is not necessarily rational, emotional, nor logical. It is simply a matter of interpreting the facts. The person who firmly believes that opportunities for progress are available will seek those opportunities wholeheartedly. The person who does not believe will not bother looking. It is easier to sit on the sidelines and complain; where they will find plenty of company. But the conqueror who exercises faith and seeks fortune, will eventually discover it. Criticism will come from the sidelines: she is too good for us; or worse, she doesn’t remember where she came from. Conveniently, they have forgotten the chance they had to join the adventure.

Unfortunately, opportunities do not wait on the side of the road. Pursuing unseen opportunities require preparation, then action. They start with a dream. And, dreams mean work! Gathering the tools, earning the education, and accepting responsibility for consequences are all part of the work involved in securing opportunities. But, the journey is not simple. The necessary activities are not routine. The opportunities are not obvious, but they are imminent! First, faith must be summoned to believe that opportunities are there. Now, action takes control to relentlessly seek them. Test what you find. Analyze the results. Keep pursuing until discovering the outcome that you deserve.

Men rarely marry the first girl they kiss. It is equally unlikely that the first attractive opportunity is the best one. The adventure must focus on the desired result. Upon believing that your destiny of wild success is available, what sense does it make to stop looking after only finding moderate success? Before seeking your imminent opportunity, start with a clear vision of what your individual success looks like. Your success is not defined by the media, your community, or your family. Each of us has an individual and personal destiny. Identify it, then seek it singularly. Your vision of success may evolve and change. Nevertheless, if your faith clearly points toward a certain destiny and you are equipped to do the work, then relentlessly pursuing your desired result is the final step.

Take a leap. Make a change. Ultimately, the optimist and the pessimist are both correct. If your faith leads you to an optimistic future, then begin the good works to achieve it. As for the pessimists who believe that disaster and pain is around the corner, just stay put. You will never be lonely waiting. Furthermore, disaster and pain will actually find you. Then, you can say that you were right. A negative outcome found you. However, for the professionals who decide to live by faith because the opportunities are imminent, prepare your skills, grab your tools and go get it!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter and Beyond

Thanks ADW!


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