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Change the Radio Station

Driving down the highway, motorists have passed the time listening to the radio for decades. And, now motorists have more listening options – music, talk radio, news – than ever, available to them. Furthermore, between broadcast radio, online radio, satellite radio, and iPods, the listening choices are constantly increasing.

With all these choices, too often motorists come across a song or topic that are frankly irritating. Guess what? The listener has options. So, why do listeners openly complain about the music, the topics, the news, yet continue to listen? Why not change the station? More importantly, mapping this scenario to every day decisions, why not change your current situation? What is keeping you from simple fulfillment?

Embrace change
Change is inevitable. During your journey, you can expect a bad song. You will end up in a situation that you will not like. Maybe you are enduring a career choice that went bad. Well, pursue a different opportunity. Accept that you have choices. Change the station. Not just one station to the next, but you have the ability to change genres. Change from a bad song to an interesting talk radio topic. Change from satellite radio’s classic rock selection to an ipod with an audio book. More choices mean more opportunities to find fulfillment and satisfaction either in music or life.

Exercise your options
Three frogs sit on a log. One decides to jump. How many remain on the log? Three. One only decided. That one embraced change. That is a step. But the frog still has to take action for the result to make a difference. Activate the satellite radio in your journey. Pre-set stations so that you can change from news to easy listening. Sample different life options whether it is music, authors, hobbies, or lattes. Pick one to suit your needs now. Pick another later when your mood, curiosity, needs or tastes change.

Control your destiny (or someone else will)
When driving a motorist has several options which represent different experiences for their journey. Depending on the selected station, you are being educated, rocking out, or reminiscing with oldies. Your experiences will differ according to your listening choices and mood. Consequently, realize that all choices affect your experiences and your journey. In turn, your experiences and journey determine your destiny. Be intentional about what you allow in your mind. I hate to think that you would trust your destiny to some shock jock!

Life is like a song. If it is a great song, you want to experience it again and again. If it is a bad song, then take control and listen to a song that you like. You have choices. As you change stations, apply that action to more critical parts of your life. Friends that do not contribute to your journey of achieving your goals need to be changed. The same goes for careers. Embrace change and being willing to exercise your options to achieve your destiny.

Everyone makes choices, either passively or actively. As the world continues to change more rapidly, the progressive person will prepare to change along with it. The more you are willing to change your station, to exercise your options, to enjoy the moment, the more opportunities you have to achieve your destiny. Fortunately, embracing change, exercising options, controlling your destiny can start by simply changing the station. Then, select experiences that you find fulfilling.

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond


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