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Trapped in a World of Mediocrity

Reminiscing with my young adult children about “classic” Disney movies from the ‘90’s, the debate raged regarding which one was best. The debate jumped to sequels, and eventually Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Predictably, movie quotes followed which led us to: “Follow the trail of the Forty Thieves. Your father is trapped within their world.” The oracle’s warning exploded with truth! The irony is that Aladdin thought his dad was a prisoner and he turned out to be the King of Thieves. Today’s reality is that decent people, unintentionally through one decision at a time, become trapped in a world of mediocrity!

Today’s world of mediocrity is populated with competent, yet oblivious sailors who willingly follow the Siren’s song and crash into the rocky shores of life. The journey ultimately leads to their destruction. The seductive song has comforting and well-meaning verses like:
• I can’t leave this environment, my family is here.
• I can’t go back to school, my friends will laugh at me.
• I can’t take that job, I’m not worth that much money.
• I can’t take that class, it’s too early and I am not a morning person.
• I can’t accept that promotion, I have not paid my dues.

Ironically, despite poor personal decisions Aladdin’s dad, as the King of Thieves, emerged as a leader. His strength, charisma and attributes were undeniable. They were just temporarily misled. Talent always has the potential to rise. But, how those attributes are applied depends on morals, ethics and circumstances. For Aladdin’s dad’s, his immediate objectives involved acquiring power and wealth according to his own selfish code.

Fortunately, Aladdin demonstrated to his dad that he did not have to accept his present position in life. Aladdin showed that character, purpose and a willingness to improve upon weaknesses could result in achieving his most heartfelt desires. Aladdin proved that he could win the princess! The key was refusing to let his immediate environment define his destiny. The moral of the story is to escape mediocrity by being bold enough to define your path, then pursue it with faith and determination.

Being trapped in a world of mediocrity results from making conscious decisions. Likewise, travelers on the road to excellence make conscious decisions. Embrace your inner leader and empower others to go with you. But under no circumstances, follow, nor even listen to naysayers who are committed to the status quo! Mediocrity has a king who is actively looking to trap more subjects to rule. Purposely pursue the trail to excellence and lead others to follow. If you are leading successfully, others will be grateful that they followed. More importantly, you will find excellence to be a bountiful place full of challenges and rewards!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond


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