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Some Assembly Required

As a business leader and educator, I spend a lot of time encouraging people to perform beyond their expectations. More accurately, I spend a lot of time encouraging them beyond their perceived limitations. Too often, people ignore their own attributes because they are too busy focusing on the established experts’ attributes. A commonly believed lie is that “I can never be as good as the superstars in my field”. In an age of instant gratification, too many people believe success is instantly achieved. But success is not accomplished in a 60 minute episode, 30 second commercial, or 140 character tweet.

In real life, high performance is an unpredictable result of time, work, sweat, and sacrifice. Shortcuts are a myth. Despite the images of sudden success that circle the globe immediately, do not believe for a moment that any great achievement instantaneously happened. In short, no great accomplishments are ready-made. In fact, if you read closely the directions involved in building any success, you will see the small print that says “Some Assembly Required”.

Great novelists have horrible rough drafts. Popular musicians remember being booed off stages. Successful entrepreneurs endure bad investments and declined loans. What these winners also share is a story of perseverance and persistence in continuing to put the pieces together. Consequently, the next great thinker, writer, or performer must be prepared to continue gathering the parts and acquiring the tools to assemble their excellence. For the individual with business ambitions and a dead-end job, seek additional training during your personal time. Or, the vocalist who continues singing to tiny audiences, may need to find a better band that does not include her childhood friends. No one creates a superior product with inferior parts.

Too often talent is abandoned because instant gratification is elusive. Some Assembly Required involves reading the directions, all of them. Building according to what you think looks right is a fool’s errand. Beyond reading the blueprint, successful construction means following the instructions. Take the time to prepare for greatness. Have the persistence to work through the mistakes. Be diligent enough to fail, start again then, fail some more until you succeed. Some Assembly Required means that you must invest time and energy before your masterpiece is complete. Furthermore, be confident that other great accomplishments endured a similar path.

So, read the blueprint. Acquire the tools. Remember that some assembly is required. Trust the process. Build beyond your perceived limitations. Delight in your new achievement! Now, take a bow. You’ve earned it!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter & Beyond


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  1. Thanks Glenn for a great blog. Mastery for me came after a few career shifts and late in my 35 year career but I found it.

    Comment by lifesolutionsnetwork | August 19, 2014 | Reply

  2. My 15 year old grandson loves this Blog.

    Comment by Phyllis D Kinnard | August 21, 2014 | Reply

  3. Mr Hunter you have no clue how much this helps, And you are a amazing teacher. A teacher that cares and pushes us to do our very best and to give it our all and it shows in our grades!!! but not only that it makes us see WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Hope | August 22, 2014 | Reply

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