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Achieving Dreams: The Map or The Guide

Pursuing dreams require faith. Fundamentally, you have to believe that you will achieve your goal despite not seeing a clear path. First of all, dreams are intensely personal. They may come from deep-seated fears, or fantastic desires. But, the individual owns them. To achieve dreams, a genuine and determined pursuit must emerge. That pursuit requires direction. So, how do you figure out the direction? Do you rely on a map, which is essentially a prepared plan of how to reach your goal? Or, do you rely on a guide, which is having another show you how they reached it?

Dreams mean work! After establishing the faith to pursue the goal, the reality of execution quickly appears. If you are going to accept input on pursuing the goal, you have to decide whether to follow what someone heard, or what someone knows. Compounding the problem, is that both choices involve assistance from people with different experiences, biases and capabilities from than the dreamer. For example, a young musician, who wants to be an elite professional performer, may only have access to maps represented by reading books and watching videos of how the path to musical success is supposed to work. Alternatively a local professional musician may serve as a guide by mentoring the youth, but the professional’s personal brilliance and erratic behavior keeps him from being a suitable teacher. So, which alternative provides the most realistic assistance leading to achieving the youth’s dream?

Essentially, a leap of faith is a personal task. The faith can only come from internal sources. Asking whether to choose the map or the guide is actually the wrong question. However, the right answer is relentless pursuit! Pursuing an individual dream may benefit from either a map or a guide. But, it definitely requires individual drive! Select one or the other, but definitely start the journey. Achievement is not a predetermined path that one can study or follow. It is an unmarked personal adventure that every achiever must endure. Faith is where the journey starts without fully knowing how it ends. What is known is the immediate step and the possibility of subsequent steps while pursuing the goal.

Make a plan, plot a course, ask for directions. But, by all means start the journey. Achieving a dream is only the end of one specific journey. The pursuit does not stop, the individual stops. Your faith carries you to the ultimate destination. A map or a guide are merely tools to pursue a specific achievement. Faith and an unyielding spirit paves the path. Get started, pursue a dream and then pursue another. Whenever you do stop, then you have truly reached your personal destination.

By Glenn W. Hunter


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