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The Best Advice in One Word

Act! The answer requires no fancy introduction, nor clever anecdote. “Act” has nothing to do with performing on stage, or in front of a camera. It really has little to do with a child behaving properly: “Act like you have some sense”. But, it has everything to do with meeting a challenge with purposeful activity. The response is elegant, in its simplicity. Nike says “Just Do It”. I say “Act”.

When confronting business problems, educated professionals are taught to research, plan and strategize. Matrices are incorporated to facilitate finding the optimal solution. Alternatively, therapists use sophisticated listening techniques and probing questions to identify frameworks to aid in resolving personal problems. In both cases, great ideas are generated. Unfortunately, ideas do not produce results, action does. To resolve issues, whether organizational or personal, strategies are great steps but, “Act” is the answer.

In the context of a community, a chief benefit is the ability to interact. The camaraderie involved with sharing and collaborating is a life-affirming aspect of the human experience. When challenges emerge inside the community, the communal resources are available to overcome them. Communal resources can be sharing advice or experiences to help another. It may be encouragement to uplift someone’s spirits. It can be providing shelter or attacking a threat. In a primal sense, it is dragging the conquered beast back to camp for the tribe to feast. Communities prosper when its members act. Planning and strategizing engages the mind. It stimulates emotion. It arouses the imagination. However, only action nourishes the individual and feeds the community.

“Act” is the activity that produces results. It manifests the plans. It validates the research. Individuals can visualize, teams can strategize, but once it is time to proceed toward resolution then the only tactic is to act. Whatever challenge that is before you right now has a solution. You may not like the circumstances. You may not like the consequences. It may not be fair. But if a set of choices, events, or misfortune has placed you in a bad place, then please take the best advice in resolving your problem. Act!

By Glenn Hunter


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