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What is your Jakarta? Or How Do You Singularly Connect with Your Audience?

How do you connect with your audience? I mean really, singularly connect with your audience. Your audience can be a prospect to whom you sell, or perhaps a whole market place. It can be an established client that you upsell. Connecting to an audience can involve pitching investors. Or, it can be a musician performing. Truly connecting with your audience goes beyond providing your good or service. It means delivering a piece of you so that your target relishes your presence and cannot wait to tell others. But how do you achieve showing such love for your audience or client that they delight in you being part of their emotional experience?

George Duke, a Grammy Award-winning American jazz musician, identified a unique way to connect closely with a specific segment of his audience. In business development language, he connected narrow and deep. This is what happened.

While performing in Jakarta, Indonesia George Duke learned that one of his songs had become a huge hit in Jakarta! The song literally had no special relevance in the rest of the world. Despite over 30 years’ experience with several hits and awards to his credit, he was pleasantly surprised to learn of the song’s popularity. As a result of this special connection, he added the song to his playlist for that one stop in his tours. But, the savvy performer did more. He used the song as his finale in Jakarta. On top of that, he hired a local musician to sing the song. And, in case anyone failed to realize that he was honoring his local fans, he explicitly told this story while introducing the local singer. Furthermore, he respected these unique fans by repeating this process every time he returned to Jakarta.

Thousands of fans come to see this favorite artist. They have come to expect a special experience where this star allows one of their local artist to perform this major hit. Imagine the buzz that this simple action creates in Jakarta’s music industry. Jakarta’s music community ecstatically promotes this concert because the local singer selected by this beloved internationally known singer may play in their local venue next.

From a business perspective, George Duke has not created more clients (fans). He is engaging evangelists! These fans cannot wait to tell the rest of the Jakarta jazz market about their experience and their icon’s musical generosity. The artist has showered love on his fans and they proudly repay him with ongoing loyalty.

Ironically, the song is titled “Born to Love You” which is the exact sentiment demonstrated to the fans in the local market. It is exactly what you want your best clients to believe about you, especially when you serve them personally and singularly. Please click to experience the concert that inspired this revelation and at 1:06:52 hear exactly how George Duke introduces his local hit and performer to his adoring Jakarta audience.

By Glenn Hunter


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