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A Shooter & an Old Man with a Cane

It is not important who and it is not important where. The critical issue is why. In a world full of all types of trouble, why does one shooter and one man with a cane matter? They matter because this is a love story, where the shooter is the son of the old man with the cane! The son is not a violent kid; he is a basketball player.

In fact, the son is a tremendous and highly decorated basketball player. Similar to anyone who enjoys significant accomplishment he is blessed with certain gifts that he in turn develops. The son makes shooting look easy. His range is only rivaled by his creativity. Everyone can see that he is a natural. Except that he isn’t.

The old man, the dad uses a cane as a result of multiple strokes. He needs it to move. Regarding basketball, the old man is knowledgeable and supportive. He is also in the driveway every morning at 5:30 am with his son, a basketball and a porch light. He rebounds for his son, the natural. He has helped develop other young men who have competed at the highest level, but this was his son. Now, it really matters. As for the son, the harder he works, the more he resents being labeled a natural. As hundreds of shots per day turn into thousands of shots per week, the natural makes it look easier.

The son does not really love the rigorous workouts. He often argues with the old man with the cane. Dad argues back. The shooter can stop at any time and still be a great shooter. But he loves the process, the continuous pursuit of accomplishment. Dad provides guidance, discipline and wisdom. As a mentor, dad loves the teaching, the sharing, the sacrificing. For goodness sake, he hobbles on a cane retrieving errant jump shots virtually in the dark!

Nevertheless without the shooter completely selling out to the process, the entire exercise is futile. Because of their mutual desire to give their best to each other, to love each other, and to remain committed to the process, they accomplish much. It is not the natural gifts that drive the accomplishments. The accomplishment results from intentionally developing those gifts with work, commitment and sacrifice; that is with love.

Greatness requires mentors. Guides to the process pave the way to accomplishment. Natural talents merely start the journey. Labels and stereotypes are merely distractions. But ultimately greatness requires love for the journey and commitment to the sacrifice. Find an old man with a cane, or be an old man with a cane. But, launch your journey! Relentlessly pursue it for the long haul, add proper guidance toward accomplishment and discover your individual greatness.

By Glenn W. Hunter


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