Building Community Through Better Relationships

Niche Learning

Niche marketing is a common and powerful tool to build a business.  It combines targeting a like-minded community of customers with delivering a narrowly defined product or services.  But what if education was a product or service; could niche marketing help learners benefit more?  Well, successful education benefits a community of customers called learners with intangible advantages that create real value.  In that way, education is a service and niche strategies are an effective way to maximize the benefit.

Think about an engineering major who takes the majority of her classes with other aspiring engineers.  The targeted learning group often wants similar careers, has relatively common backgrounds, and prefers having learning experiences with people like them.  Their classmates may quite likely be of assistance at the next step of their development – their career.  In this case, Niche Learning results in better outcomes.

The Learning Lab Summer Summits has totally sold out to this idea!  Through their Prep for Success programs they have adopted a Niche Learning strategy to help middle and high school students achieve scholastic and eventually career success.  The program starts with the learning environment. Students with common interests come together in the same learning environment: athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, money management, and world adventurers.  The learning content is specifically designed to help students progress in their particular area of interest.

In short, Niche Learning works because the material is personally interesting to the students and is designed to appeal to their common characteristics.  Niche Learning also serves to prepare students to be life-long learners, which is a common aspiration of several educational strategies.  The reason it leads to life-long learning is that individual interests often lasts for many years.  Furthermore, the individual interests will lead to a more interactive learning community.  Niche Learning perpetuates ongoing development even in the academically slow summer months.

Consequently, as long as the topic is presented among students with similar interests in an environment that focuses on their individual progress, Niche Learning provides an outstanding alternative to summer activities.  Learning Lab Summer Summits is eager to demonstrate the progress that results from bringing niche marketing to educational achievement.

As the Director for the Learning Lab Summer Summits (learning programs for high achieving students), a charter school board member, and an adjunct college instructor, Glenn Hunter has a unique look at how success is pursued and achieved across the educational spectrum.


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