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Watching Kids Get on the Bus

Driving to work on a cold morning, I saw a school bus stop in front of an apartment complex on a six-lane boulevard.  In accordance with the law, traffic stopped on both sides of the street.  I then sat and watched approximately 50 grade school children board the bus in single file.  Dozens of cars waited in their lanes while waiting for the children to take their next step toward education.  People were in their cars, running late for work, hurrying to meet someone, contemplating past mistakes and future hope; but all just waiting.

I realized that this experience was a snapshot for educating our youth.  Educating our youth is a priority.  And, that priority needs to be protected and enforced.  Indeed, cars stopped in traffic while the young scholars boarded the bus primarily because it is the law.  But, this time the law got it right. Stop, to prepare for the future.  Let the kids pursue their education in safety.  The hustle and bustle of the world will resume immediately after this brief delay.

The kids lined up and walked in order.  Some showed their individuality by dancing, laughing, and skipping.  But in the aggregate, even that activity was performed in the structure of the line. Again, this snippet of daily activity reflects a broader vision.  In successful education, there is a greater framework where individuals get to shine. The tall, awkward kid may be a math wizard.  The overprotected child with entirely too many layers of clothing and the huge carrying case may be an evolving musical prodigy still trying to master his trumpet. The beauty of the procession is that each child enters the bus to get their education and proceed toward their future.

Learning Lab captures this theme in the education work it performs. Tutoring students seeking greater achievement, teaching homeschooled children the advanced subjects for their continued growth, preparing students for standardized test that will influence their individual legacies, all mirror the children getting on the bus in the cold.  They individually get on the bus pointed toward their education.  After awhile, they communally enter a learning environment where the individual fundamentally owns their results.  The world needs to wait briefly to ensure that this process functions safely. This foundation is a priority for our society.  Learning Lab reflects this priority by emphasizing one-on-one education with the clear understanding that academic success is available for all. For all children to learn, they should expect no less when they get off the bus.

As the Director for the Learning Lab Summer Summits (learning programs for high achieving students), a charter school board member, and an adjunct college instructor, Glenn Hunter has a unique look at how success is pursued and achieved across the educational spectrum.


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