Building Community Through Better Relationships

3 Steps to Getting the Right Answer

When teaching my college algebra class, I gave an exam where I did not cover all the material leading up to the test.  Instead of trimming the test, I advised the students that they were responsible for the material regardless.  But, in the interest of fair play, I decided to put the solutions to the uncovered problems on the white board for the class.  They were told that they would have the answers.  However when I corrected the exam, some students still missed the problems that were solved on the board.

My first conclusion was that winners will find a way to win, while losers will find a way to lose. But upon closer review other factors surfaced.  Perhaps some people do not find right answers because they are not trained to look for them, let alone identify them.  Some students simply miss the advantages that are available in front of them.  That revelation led me to question what advantages was I ignoring.  What answers were directly in front of me that I was not seeing?

The following steps empower individuals toward seeing answers.  These steps go beyond getting the right answers for a math test; they lead to success in making winning life decisions.

  • Live your passion – Living your passion does not mean not working. And, it definitely does not mean find your passion and perform it 24 – 7. What it does mean is to figure out what you want to accomplish and live for that specific reason.   Look on the white board, in your environment, among your relationships, or inside yourself for clues to figure out what you want to solve. You have to want it before you will see it.
  • Commune – The word means to communicate intimately, and also a rural community organized on a communal basis, according to Merriam-Webster.  In essence, come together and share with people of similar mindsets and objectives.  Both learn and exchange ideas with kindred spirits.  If the people that you commune with are not sharing ideas with you, nor pouring into your life (and you into theirs), then you may need to commune with others. Find relationships that will help put right solutions on your white board.
  • Pray – Ask for guidance.  Communicate from a position of faith. Religious people need to make time to pray to acknowledge their good fortune and identify direction.  For less religious people, demonstrate your faith in whatever higher purpose is driving you toward your success.  Any individual who meets a challenge has something to guide their values.  Clearly identify what guides your values and pay homage to it.

Believe that you will find the answer to your problem.  Solutions are often within reach once sufficient effort is applied.  Identify comrades who want to be part of your success and will support your efforts. Then, look. Answers to your test problems may be right in front of you.  Assuming you do not know the answer, or you have to figure it out on your own is a step backward.  Use your passion to prepare, then apply the three steps and pay attention to where the answer may be available.  What solutions do you still not see on your white board?

By Glenn W Hunter


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