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Get Comfortable in Your Discomfort

Two colleagues traveling to a conference were discussing growth – both personal and professional.  They both agreed that being comfortable was essentially the great enemy to growth.  The conversation looked at career growth, entrepreneurial success, and corporate performance.  In each case, discomfort becomes the fuel that launches progress.  Clearly the answer is to embrace discomfort.  But how?

  • Careers: discomfort happens when today’s great individual performance solves yesterday’s organizational problem.  The best individual performers have to remain aggressive and innovative to stay ahead of an ever-changing marketplace.  If change is uncomfortable, then ever-changing is much more uncomfortable.  Winners get used to the discomfort regardless of who signs their check.  Learn a new skill, lead a new project, accept a new position, acknowledge a new failure.  Accept the disproportionate rewards of engaging the risks involved with being uncomfortable.
  • Entrepreneurs:  visionaries know best of all the importance of discomfort. Business leaders who are comfortable with the status quo or the warm blanket of bureaucracy would never burst toward the stars for the sake of adventure. Launching a business or igniting a movement is a direct byproduct of someone being uncomfortable with the current environment and focused on taking action to ascend. They know the next mission is going to be uncomfortable and they take it anyway!
  • ŸCorporations: even large ones are forced to evolve.  The Fortune 500, the Dow 30 are constantly shifting rosters. Businesses that leave these ranks are typically reluctant to change.  Mergers drive some of this movement; slow, methodical obsolescence drives most of it. The reluctance to embrace change destroys growth.  Customers, executives, shareholders have more options than ever.  Winners who embrace the potential of a new uncomfortable environment eventually remain winners!  Losers who are comfortable in the status quo eventually… well, you get the picture.

Comfort in being uncomfortable accepts that change is inevitable.  It propels the victor to prepare for the new environment.  Great performers are often the catalyst for discomfort leading to that change. They aggressively pursue the stars because they know they are out there.  Without a doubt, the world will keep spinning.  Individuals, businesses, and organizations must keep moving with it.  However, as soon as the world stops spinning it will immediately burst into flames.  And so will stagnant careers and organizations!

By Glenn Hunter


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