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Good at Names

Uplift Another

“Ultimately, the pessimist and the optimist are both right.”  This belief applies to the statement, “I am no good with names”. People who say this are basically right.  Well, I am good at names.  And, I am tight, too.  I regularly meet people professionally and socially who marvel that I am good at names.  Often, they quickly follow their admiration with an apology for not being good at names. So, what is the origin of my superpowers?

It all starts with a good attitude. I don’t know if I was born with it, or I learned it. But, a good attitude toward learning people’s names is the first step.  Upon meeting a new individual, or becoming re-acquainted with someone I have previously met, I want to share my good attitude. I address them with a smile and by name.  It is a matter of respect.   I use their name…

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